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How do I benefit by using your platform for selling my items?

  1. Excellent rates. You get a 75% royalty for each model sold.
  2. There is a lot less competition on our store. It is more likely that your products will be seen by buyers increasing your sales prospects.
  3. Easy payment system through PayPal that makes it easier for you to receive your payments.
  4. We process, track and report sales for you – verifiably. You will be able to know how much your payments will be - way before we make the payment.
  5. Extremely secure payment system.
  6. We keep your content as secure as possible.
  7. Simple & easy to use system for uploading & editing your files.

How does it work?

  1. Register at the platform.
  2. Upload your media to the catalogue - for free.
  3. Once your 3D model is purchased, you will receive 1 point for every dollar earned.
  4. Convert your points to PayPal cash on the profile 'Statistics' page.
  5. Payment for each model sold will be sent to your PayPal account. Payment will be made when the royalties due to you reaches at least $100.

How much money do I get for each model sold?

You get a 75% royalty for each model sold.
Payment for each model sold will be sent to your PayPal account. Payment will be made when the royalties due to you reaches at least $100.

How to properly upload your 3D model.

Kindly follow the instructions here.

Can I start selling my products if I do not have a PayPal account?

Yes you can.
However, you will need a valid PayPal acount email address in order to convert your points to PayPal cash.

What should I do to start selling my items?

Simply register & start uploading your models on the store. That’s it!

When do I get paid?

Sellers’ earnings are paid monthly between the 5th and the 15th day of the month, for sales made in the previous month.
Payments are made via PayPal through the email that is associated with your account.

Can I upload a 3D model and allow users to download it for free?

Yes.You can price your model to $0 or leave the Product Price field empty when uploading your product.

Product Image Unavailable?

If you get this error after uploading your product, it means that the image you uploaded is too large in size.
Resize the image to ensure that the largest side is 1000pixels or less and that the file size is 0.5MB (512KB) or less.

What fees are associated with payouts?

PayPal payouts incur a fee of 2% up to a maximum of $1.00 for all sellers.

Why was my item/ account banned?

All content on CADPICK has to be appropriate and related to engineering or CAD. CADPICK reserves the right to remove any items deemed to be inappropriate from our catalogue.
When uploading items to our catalogue, the following requirements must be met;

  1. You cannot upload any 3D model that you do not own or do not have resell rights for.
  2. Your 3D model components cannot include renders created by someone else.
  3. You cannot upload 3D content that was bought or acquired by other means from other 3D content stores.
  4. You can only upload file formats that are approved by the store.
  5. Your model or renders cannot contain copyrighted artwork, images or pornographic content.

How do I know how much my sales are?

Check your sales on the profile 'Statistics’ page.

After uploading, how soon does the product appear in the catalogue?

Immediately. However, please note that we conduct review of all items on our catalogue.

Can I change my username?

Yes. Simply log-in and you can change it from your profile 'Settings' page.

Can I receive my payments through another email other than the one I used to register?

Yes , just provide a valid PayPal acount email address to which you wish your payments to be channeled to.

How can I increase sales of my models?

  1. Provide your models in more than one file format. Using such common formats like dwg, dxf, obj, 3ds can significantly increase your sales.
  2. Provide a detailed description of your model. Provide as much detail as you can.
  3. Generate great previews & provide more than one render.
  4. If your model has an animation, provide the link.

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